As we all adjust to the new normal where grabbing a face masks is just like picking up your wallet and using hand sanitiser his just as common as soap and water we want to make sure that you're in safe hands when you Escape2Wales with Escape Holidays. 

Clean Lodge, Happy Holiday

We have always been committed to offer all our guests not only the best accommodation but ensuring they are always cleaned to a high standard. During these difficult times this is more important than ever. 


Safe Staffing

All Escape Holidays employees and contractors are fully trained on the use of specific cleaning chemicals designed to fight the COVID-19 virus as well as the use of PPE. 


All in the detail

We want to make your holiday as normal as possible. Sticking a giant sanitising station in your lodge isn't luxury and doesn't make you feel at home. You will however find sanitising wipes and hand sanitiser in your welcome hamper to use during your stay. 


Put a name to your cleaner

In each accommodation you will find a cleaning card. This card will notify you of the person who cleaned your lodge and the person who inspected the lodge before your arrival. 


As perfect as we can be

We can't all be Mary Poppins, but we try to be. Thats why if anything isn't to your satisfaction we will be there to support you right away. 

Marble Tile


Help us make your holiday the best it can be by letting us know if anything isn't to your standard upon check-in. In most cases things can be sorted quickly allowing you to enjoy your Escape2Wales within a matter of minutes.